Below are links to the lyrics for each of the eight songs on the Hedgemumpers CD
  We've all had those bad episodes in our lives. Times you could really have done without, but without which, those rosie times would not be quite so vibrant.  
  I'm sure He, She, It would have a lot to say (and I don't mean commandments) if He, She, It had the chance. Maybe something like this?  
  Life's good, isn't it? Well, sometimes anyway. So come on, join in... Life really is just a bag of mail.  
  Reserved? Me? Similar to a rail car at rush-hour. Too bloody British by far. So, what can you do? Write a song?  
  Although very personal, the sentiments here can probably apply to the vast majority of people that have ever, are, or indeed, ever will, grace the surface of this planet.  
  Ah yes, the good ol' days. But hey, where would you be today without them? Looking into a glass half empty or half full?  
  A song appears from somewhere - unknown - Only to find where it belongs a week later. Excuse the cryptic nature of this prologue, but hopefully you can relate to this song in your own way.  
  My stab at an eco-topical epic. Don't worry, I've put my soap-box away now.